Saturday, 31 January 2015

Don't pass your fear of the dentist to your kids

Studies have shown the correlation of fear levels between parents and their children when it comes to visiting the dentist. A dentist in Midrand explains that fear levels between fathers, mothers and kids are connected and how the two parents' fear are transferred to their children. He says that a child deduces from the reactions of the father figure how to react to the dentist, even if the mother shows reduced anxiousness. The well esteemed dentist further suggests that the father might go along with the child and show no fear or stress. Both parents will do their child good to appear calm, relaxed and stay in control of their own emotions.

This is an interesting topic to consider as we don't want our kids' oral health to suffer because of our own issues and anxieties. Projecting is a very real problem for some parents in any scenario and a conscious effort to the contrary can go a long way in keeping your kids healthy, whether it be their dental health, emotional, spiritual or physical.

Just things we ponder sometimes, thought we'd share.

This paediatric dentist gives some tips on how to help your child overcome their fear of the dentist as well as how parents should handle the situation:

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